Daily Schedule:




  • 6:30- 9:30  Greeting, Learning Centers, Breakfast

          Activities include group games, open play areas that children pick.

          Breakfast is served at 9:00.   

  •  9:30- 10:00  Circle Time   

              Children are exposed to the topic of the week, pledge, calendar and other fun activities

  • 10:00-10:30  Art activities   

               Children partake in theme based activity

  • 10:30 -11:00  Learning Centers   

              Children choose activities from learning centers, i.e. library, blocks, manipulates, etc.

  • 11:00-11:45  Outdoor play and/or Neighborhood walk, or large motor skills activities   

              Children select activities in outdoor play. Teacher leads large motor activities

  • 11:45-1:00  Hand Washing, Lunch, Bed Time Story   

             Lunch is served.  Children use bathroom.  Children have independent reading

            while they wait for the bedtime story.

  • 1:00-3:00  Rest time   

                 Children rest quietly on their cots

  • 3:00- 3:30  Table toys   

                Children choose toys from manipulates, puzzles and /or book from library.   

  • 3:30- 4:45  Hand washing, Snack   

                 Afternoon snack is served.

  • 4:45-4:30  Math and / or Science activities   

                  Children are exposed to science experiments and math activities.

  • 4:30- 6:00  Outdoor play, Learning centers, Good byes   

                   Children select activities in outdoor play (weather permitted) or inside activities

                   such as: library, art, computers, etc.



Happy Days Daily Schedule


Jezu Ufam Tobie