Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can we meet the teachers?

Our director and teachers are always available for each and every parent. If you desire a meeting with your child’s teacher, just notify our director.

2. Can we see the center?

We will be happy to arrange a guided tour of the facility. We have an open door policy for all parents.

3. What if my child is sick or gets sick during the day?

Parents will be called to pick up their child, in a timely manner. Please refer to the parent handbook for guidelines for specific illnesses.

4. Do I still have to pay tuition if my child is absent?

Yes. Because DCFS requires us to maintain our student/staff ratios, we plan our staff’s work schedule based on the days your child is scheduled to attend. Our school expenses continue when one or several children are absent. This policy is standard at most licensed daycare centers.

5. What about scheduled vacations?

Children who attend twelve consecutive months for daycare may take one week vacation, paying half the tuition, after the child has attended one full year.

6. Is there a minimum number of days my child can attend?

We require a two day a week minimum for our students. We have found that children adjust better to the school environment if they are in attendance at least two days.

7. Are you closed for the holidays?

Yes, we are closed for the following holidays: News year Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

8. What is the drop off/pick up procedure like?

The procedure for drop off and pick up of daycare children is as follows: Parents are expected to bring their children into the center, see that they are placed with the supervising teacher and sign the sign-in sheet before leaving. At pick up, please be sure to sign your child out. If someone other than yourself is to pick up your child, please notify the school in writing who that person will be. The person picking up your child will be required to show a picture ID and sign their name on the sign out sheet.

9. Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, but you will need to supply the school with diapers for your child and wipes.

10. Do you take all of the children on field trips?

Children ages 3 and up will attend two to three field trips per year. An additional charge for these trips will be requested for the children and chaperones.

Jezu Ufam Tobie