Parents Testimonials:

I am a parent of a second child attending Happy Days Daycare in Summit, Illinois.  My daughter attended from the age of two until five. My son has been a preschooler for over a year now. They both liked the daycare so much that they wanted to attend on Saturdays as well. In the beginning my daughter was a little hesitant at staying because she is very shy but when she got used to it pretty quickly, because that is the way it was going to be, she stopped protesting. My son on the other had loved the daycare from day one as he is very friendly and outgoing little boy, he is our “social butterfly”. As a parent I totally agree with Happy Days Daycare’s learning program, where they teach our children the Polish language, culture and traditions, which is extremely important in our family because we want them to know their Polish heritage. My daughter as a four-year-old learned the English language in six months and she was totally prepared for Kindergarten, where she learned to read in the first six months.

 Betty Wasilewski

 As working parents we were looking for a place that was loving and nurturing for our 3yr old son and we found it at Happy Days in Summit. Although our son cried in the mornings when we had to leave him, the staff was always there to hug and comfort him making the separation alot less stressful. At the end of the day he was all smiles and couldn\’t wait to tell us all about his fun filled day. He was learing something new in Polish and English every week all while playing and socializing. He will be attending Kindergarden this fall and I know he will be well prepared. I would recommend Happy Days to any parent I meet and am looking foreward to having our second son attend in the future. It has been such an enriching experience for our son and always feels like our second home. I\’de like to thank the entire staff, especially Bonnie, Ms.Iza, Ms. Maria, and Ms. Martha for all their hard work and dedication they give the the center and each individual child every day.   Eva D.

Jezu Ufam Tobie